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Pinterest social networking siteThere is an interesting article over Read Write Social which states Pinterest is a social media platform that you should keep your eye on. The site which is only a little over two years old, and does not have the big money behind it like some of the other social media platforms, has grown to over 70 million users and from the looks of it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

One of the things that are the most interesting is the social networking statistics on how much money average shoppers on Pinterest spend in relation to Facebook shoppers. According to the article, Pinterest has a larger percentage of e-commerce traffic than Facebook. 41% of Ecommerce social media traffic compared to Facebook’s 37%.

That is not the most compelling reason that companies should be paying attention to Pinterest. One average the e-commerce shoppers coming from Pinterest spend two to three times the money on products that a Facebook shopper will spend. A Facebook shopper will spend on average $60-$80 dollars after leaving the site while a Pinterest social media member will spend from $140 –$180 once leaving the site.

This is larger because of the different focuses of the sites. While Facebook is all about developing relationships and hanging out with friends. Pinterest is more about the objects. Users of the social media site are actively searching for new and interesting photos and images to view and share with others, so the focus is more on objects than on people. Once someone has seen 20 pictures of cools shoes they are much more likely to purchase some just like it.

For marketers out there this leaves the question, where should you be spending your time? Probably both. Use Facebook to build up relationships but then push Facebookers more towards images of your products on Pinterest. This allows you to better utilize your social media efforts and work towards your long term social media plan goals.

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