Using Video to reach students

Many educators think using video to reach students is just too difficult so they leave this powerful method off their arsenal for delivering instruction. Studies have shown that more and more consumers prefer to watch online videos to reading a text.  That translates to: your prospects and customers would rather watch online videos to reading the details on your website. This is overwhelmingly true of the younger generation which means if you want to reach this audience you must be using video. Young adults today more and more turn to watching short videos obtain information. For this reason, educators need to be incorporating video more into your educational offerings.

Online video marketing has exponentially changed the way your students learn — and how you are able to attract those students. This a very powerful social media tool to reach students, both potential students, and current students. Many educators just hear the word video and they cringe up. The video does take a little forward thinking and it does require some thought, but the technical abilities required can be learned by anyone with a 12+ reading level. Its all in the way its explained.

One of the main goals of any type of utilizing video to convey information is to understand what your potential students are thinking and what catches their attention. If you observe someone as they scan the internet many times their eyes and energy are directed to the most visually stimulating options on the content.

If you are visually demonstrating concepts then it becomes very easy for students to watch the videos over and over until they understand the concept. All this without any new efforts on the part of the faculty member.
The videos you create can be instructional, commercial, historical or humorous – whatever fits your educational needs.  And you don’t have to stop at one type of video – do several of them. In fact, the more videos you have with different methods will give you valuable feedback and allow you to even more utilize technology to streamline the process and workload.

 Using Video:

One thing is for certain; as an educator, your goal is to accommodate the high video demand by creating online videos for your target audience. The great part about this is once you get the process right your previous work starts to work for you. You find yourself with more time to innovate and plan even more exciting ways to educate your class. While it seems like work at the beginning, in the end, when done right it helps you do more with less effort.


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