Using Google Forms in Education

Google forms are a great learning app, which you can use in your classes and the best thing is they are free. Google forms are an integral part of the Google Classroom offering. It does have a small learning curve and may not be apparent how to utilize it. So let’s take a look at how we can use Google forms to let student introduce themselves. This is relatively easy to get up and to run.

The first thing you are gong to need is a google drive account. If you don’t already have one go over to google drive and set one up. Once you have your Google drive ready, you can create a form by selecting Google Forms and completing the fields. It does make sense before you start to give a little thought into how you are going to utilize your Google forms in education.

Planning your form is a crucial first step because if you make the wrong choice, you may not be able to save it in a format that will allow you to analyze the results as you desire.

There are thousands of youtube videos that will show you the basics of using Google forms in your classes. Marc Dubeau put together a great little resource that I’ll include below. This will get you up and running with Google forms and start using them in your classrooms very quickly

Google Forms in Education

Google forms are only one part of the Google for Classrooms line of products, that can pretty much allow you to put your entire curriculum online and have your personal learning management system.

Some of the largest institutions use Google forms. Even uses Google forms on their website. If it’s good enough for some of the massive online open courses they host can utilize Google forms, then pretty much anyone can and have a fruitful experience. In fact, cloud-based educational applications such as Google apps make MOOC’s possible for a lot of institutions. Without these free educational apps, then a lot of schools just would not be able to build and support the infrastructure needed for delivering these courses to 1000’s of students at the same time.

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