Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter in the classroom is something that a lot of educators are considering adding to their toolbox. The site is very popular with the younger generation and as such can be useful as an educational tool. According to Social networking statistics for 2013, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the list of social networking sites. Many teens are dumping Facebook with a preference towards Twitter. SNAP Chat is also fairly popular with the teens. We have been looking for a method to snap chat into a learning app, but can’t really see a need. It may prove useful as an advertising medium to attract potential students to a program, but as a learning app or even method to communicate with the students may not prove useful.

Twitter has its own language and rules that sometimes makes it difficult for teachers to understand the etiquette of the social media site. There is a great resource from Rosier Online that helps reduce this learning curve and will get you up to speed on the Do’s and Don’t’s of Twitter when using it for education. Whether you are using Twitter in the elementary classroom or Twitter in the college classroom, you can get some great tips from Twitter for Teachers

Twitter for Teachers

Twitter in the classroom

Twitter in the Classroom Tips

These tips for utilizing Twitter in the classroom will ensure you understand how to best reach students where they are spending their time. And ensure you can utilize Twitter as an educational tool. Twitter is a great resource and can really help you in developing your social media plan. One of the most powerful aspects of Twitter is the use of HashTags, such as #socialmedia. Appending a # to any keyword will create a hashtag which helps with the search ability of your post. This will help you reach a larger audience as Twitter will show your post to others who may be searching for a similar topic. You can create a Hashtag with any word. So that is useful when you want to send a message to a particular group of students. You can append the hashmark to your course number or anything else you desire and it will show up to your students when they search for the hashtag. It’s probably best to be a little unique as the millions of other Twitter users are also using Hashtags to allow their content to be located.

Check out the resource above to find some other great tips for using Twitter in the classroom.

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