Top Android Apps for Educators

 There are a lot of great android apps for educators. Teach Thoughts put together a great list of the top android apps for educators with links to their downloads on Google Play. Whether you are using these android apps in the classroom or as a supplement to your Google classroom activities, the following list of the best android applications for education will come in handy.
Students are always texting or playing games on their phones in class and its becoming more of a problem for classroom management. You can send them to detention or kick them out of your class, but that does not really help wit education. So as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them and that is what a lot of educators are now doing. Incorporating learning apps into your classroom not only keeps students focused on the topic of the day it also allows you to use many of these educational apps to enhance the understanding of students. The world is changing, well really its already changed, and instructors need to incorporate educational technology apps to reach the students where they are.

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