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social networking statisticsAs you start down the road of Social Networking it is important to understand the social networking statistics each potential site possess. It seems that every day there is some new social networking site that may or may not gain a critical mass of users. A while back Google + was touted as the Facebook killer, but the statistics just go not show Google Plus gaining the same market share that Facebook’s numbers show.

Facebook Social Networking Statistics

Facebook’s growth continues to amaze everyone. The social networking site’s statistics for May 2013 are:

· Monthly Active Users – 1.11 Billion which is a 23% increase over the previous year

· Daily Active Users – 665 Million up 26% from the previous year

· Mobile Users – 751 million users up a whopping 54% over the previous year

These are the main statistics for Facebook over the past year. The site continues to experience immense growth, but the majority of its new users are coming from the underdeveloped countries.

From educators, standpoint one of the most prevalent numbers is the percentage of young people who utilize social networks. In the prime college-age of 18-24-year-olds, 98 % of that age group have responded that they regularly check one or more social networking sites daily.

It’s clear that colleges and educators need to learn how to effectively utilize social networking sites or they stand to lose out on some key chances to reach the young people today.

Some other interested statistics about Facebook.

· Average Time person spends on Facebook per month – 15+ hours

· Number of websites that have integrated Facebook functionality or the Open Graph – 2.5 million

· Piece of content shared on Facebook Monthly – 70+ billion

Twitter Social Networking Statistics

Twitter is another active Social Network that boasts a large number of users and has influence into a fairly young demographic group.

Twitter boasts user stats of 550 million active users. Of this 550 million approximately 200 million visit the site at least once a month. Many twitter users are constantly on the site and many people have installed one of the many software applications that allow them to follow and respond to tweets without ever visiting the site. For this reason, some of these applications do not allow twitter to collect valid numbers all the time thus Twitter’s numbers may be a good bit higher than can be reported.

Some of the interesting statistics on this social networking site are:

· Number of searches on the twitter search engine – 2.1 billion per day

· 43% of twitter users use their phone to send tweets,

· 60% of users use some third party application to send and read tweets from the people they follow

· 9100 tweets happen every second which is one reason a lot of educators avoid twitter.

While twitter is useful for some educational activities there is a lot of chatter on that site which makes it harder for an educator to effectively use it, but we will be looking at other ways you can use this social media site to your advantage.

YouTube Social Networking Statistics

YouTube is a force in the online social networking space. While some people consider this just a video sharing site which it is, it is also a vast search engine as well as a social networking site. Not only is there a social element to YouTube it also serves as a feeder for content in a lot of other social networking sites. Therefore, it is important to have a prescience on YouTube as part of any complete social networking strategy.

YouTube Statistics

· Over 1 billion active users each month

· More than 6 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube each month.

· 30% of YouTube traffic originates in the US and 70% from other places in the world.

· The site is localized to 56 countries and is available in 61 different languages.

· According to Nielson ratings, YouTube reaches more college age young people than any other video source including any cable network. This is the main reason as educators YouTube needs to be part of your strategy. The website is used more than any other source by 18-34-year-old adults.


Google Plus Social Networking Statistics

Google + is a relative newcomer on the Social Networking scene, but since it has the power of Google behind it, then it needs to be a part of how you reach your students.

Google+ has around 50 million users and as of the time of this writing has not really released a lot of data about the monthly users, but considering that the Social Networking site is integrated within several of other Google products we can assume it’s consistent with the other social networking sites even though it does not have as many users, yet. Google has shown it is dedicated to this social networking platform so it’s safe to say Google will not allow it to fail.

The social networking site is integrated with every Google account. In 2012, Google reported that there are over 425 million Gmail accounts in the world. Every one of these users is also a potential Google Plus user. They just need to be brought into the fold. Google is definitely putting thoughts into how they can leverage these users and integrate their email in with Google + more effectively.

Google Plus profile, especially business profiles tend to show up in search results on the first page, more than any other social networking site. While it may not be the 800-pound gorilla in the room right now as Facebook is still way ahead in terms of active monthly users, that may not be where it stays.


While this is not an extensive list of all the social networking sites, these are the main players as of this writing. If you can master the art of establishing prescience on these 4 sites and become a part of the social networking statistics these numbers make up, then you will have a solid foundation to branch out and expand your social networking prescience.

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