Social Media Promotion for Educators

Any Social Media plan and strategy will need some form of social media promotion. This is rather you are promoting your social media profiles to just your students or a larger audience such as prospective students. There are many ways to do a social media promotion campaign and the goal of your overall strategy  should dictate which methodology you choose to utilize.

Social Media Promotion

If you are only wanting to attract students who are currently enrolled then your social media promotion may just depend upon telling the students during a lecture to like your Facebook page or put you in a Google + Circle. If you are wanting to reach students who are not currently in your class or perhaps are a member of a larger enrolled population, then email can be effective, you just have to ensure you give them a valid reason. With your own students, extra credit works great as a bribe. This is just one of the ways social media can be effective in education

If you are searching for more of the general following which may not include people you have a direct connection to, then you have to take other routes to social media promotion. You can always pay for likes, but that can get really expensive and may not be the best option depending on your social media goals. Here are a few methods that have worked for others with social media promotion:

The bottom line is you need to create social media promotions that work within your skill level and budget. Here are a few methods that have worked for others with social media promotion:

  • Contests – Offering some gift is very effective in getting people to follow your posts. This can be as simple as some free little gadget. It does need to have some value, but it does not have to be overly expensive.
  • User Generated Contest – Ask people to submit their best short story, photo or image and have other people vote on it. These are normally very effective because the participants want to win and they will actively promote their content to their friends
  • Quizzes or Questions – Asking a question that is fairly difficult works very well for people with Math problems or other items that shows intelligence.
  • Trivia – This works really well when combined with above and you tailor your Trivia to your target audience.

This is not an exhaustive list at all. There is no set rules for what type of content may go viral and reach a large number of people, but these are ones that do not take a lot of skill to accomplish and normally work very well for social media promotions.

Many times people will just start promoting the social media posts without a clear goal in mind. Don’t be one of those people are you will not be able to gauge the effectiveness of your activities. You also need to think of how you are going to measure the effectiveness of any social media campaign. You need to keep metrics of what effect each action has on your long-term social media goals so you can learn what types of content works best with your chosen target audience. Otherwise, you could spend countless hours not moving closer to your goal.

Make sure all your activities are working towards and end goal and not something to just eat up your time.

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