Social Media for Business

Social Media for business should be part of your company’s overall marketing plan. There are still people who really do not consider the ROI of social media promotions worth their time. And while each business must consider their own social media strategy to determine if it makes sense for their business model, all business need to be considering the potential value social media can bring their business. There are many benefits to using social media for business advertising. These can include normal advertising, brand building, or just plain good ole fashioned customer engagement.

Social Media like any type of advertising can be profitable, but can also be a black hole that sucks away your resources. Its up to you to determine what may or may not work. Not all social media networks are created equal and while it may seem tempting to put all your efforts into trying to grab the billion + users on Facebook, that platform may not be the best place. Go through the list of social networks looking at their features and the social networking statistics and demographics of the audience. Once you determine those items you can match up to what works best for your business. It’s likely you will want to employ several networks at the same time so make sure your social media strategy allows you to manage your techniques. Below is an infographic from Intuit that shows some of the ways small businesses are getting their social media efforts right or how some may be getting them wrong.

Social Media for Business Information:

How small businesses use social media - infographic
via: Intuit Websites

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