Student Blogging – Reasons You Should Encourage your Students to Blog

Student BloggingAll educators need to encourage their students to build up an online portfolio. Student blogging should not just be examples of their work done for your courses, but as a method to hone their writing and presentation skills. Many employers today have commented that soft skills are one thing that is missing with today’s college graduates. In this age of posting everything you may not want an employer to find on Facebook, students need to be encouraged to produce content that shows their business talents.

There is no shortage of topics that students can blog about. It may make sense to create assignments where marketing student’s are assigned topic to produce articles and papers on their blogs to share with you and the rest of the class. This encourages better interaction between the students and also allows them to hone their writing skills.

Student Blogging can Improve Writing Skills

Improving their writing skills is one of the most useful reasons to have the students blogging. If you read the article linked to above you will realize that while many of those students have the needed technical skills to perform tasks, many lack the ability to explain their ideas to others. Many times where the decision makers may not truly understand the technical aspects of the solution proposed. Students need to work on improving their communication with these decision makers and learning to express complicated ideas on the web is a great way to hone those skills.

Building Contacts

Not only encourage the students to create unique content, encourage them to use the blogging platform to start building their network. Having a diverse network of contacts is one of the best ways to land that great job out of college. This statement should need no proof to realize as every expert in the field of employment will tell you that most positions are gained through knowing someone at the company rather than posting resumes along with thousands of other on the job search websites.

Most blogging platforms have an element where you can share the posts on various social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook and provide methods to increase awareness of the student’s talents. This could mean the difference between the student obtaining a position and one whose resume is just passed over because they lack experience.

Showcase the Ability to Problem Solve

Employers today are not just looking for graduates who know how to do the job, they need people who unique solutions. In this ultra-competitive business environment, companies need talented employees to develop solutions that are effective, in terms of productivity and cost. This creates an advantage over their competitors. If your students can present themselves in a way that showcases this skill set they will have an advantage. While a student may have great ideas when writing a research paper on their chosen topic, these sorts of items do not always come out in an interview. Whether the student does not see it as important or just do not remember the idea in the interview, having it published on the web will allow the students to have resources to rely upon when they are prepping for their interview.

These are just a few of the reasons, students should start building out a professional web prescience and it is not at all inclusive. Encourage the students to employ social media tracking and visitor tracking on their blogs, so they will learn what content works and what does not.

There are many ways a student can increase their chances of success not only in college but when they start looking for that first job, by building a blog. And who knows if they do it right, then it could become a source of income to help them pay off those student loans.

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