Advantages of Social Media for Students

There are many advantages of social media for students, and the social networking platforms can be useful for much more than just entertainment. Social networking is poised to make a tremendous impact on education. The students are already on the platforms; the educators are just lagging behind. There is a learning curve to using social media in teaching […]

Advantages of Social Media

There are many advantages of social media. Considering this is a relatively new medium for social communication media has changed the core of the way people share information with acquaintances. There are those who build strong relationships through social media with people they know in real-life, but many of the people connected on social media are […]

Inverted Classroom

Inverted Learning classrooms are picking up steam as of late. Some people refer to these as flipped learning or flipping the classroom. Its all in what you prefer, but they all mean essentially the same thing. You allow the students to consume lecture when they would traditionally be doing homework and then during lecture time you allow […]