Best iPad Apps for Educators

There is no shortage of apps for Educators on the marketplace. Here are a few of the best ipad apps for educators we have located.  Many of these are free and can prove very useful when you are trying to manage multiple classes. We will highlight some of the ones we have found useful and […]

Social Networking Statistics

As you start down the road of Social Networking it is important to understand the social networking statistics each potential site possess. It seems that every day there is some new social networking site that may or may not gain a critical mass of users. A while back Google + was touted as the Facebook […]

Using Video to reach students

Many educators think using video to reach students is just too difficult so they leave this powerful method off their arsenal for delivering instruction. Studies have shown that more and more consumers prefer to watch online videos to reading a text.  That translates to: your prospects and customers would rather watch online videos to reading […]