Social Media for Educators

Using Social Media in Education is no longer just a nice to have skill, it has become what students expect. Students expect their schools whether it’s K-12 or higher education to have a prescience on Social media. As social media as grown in popularity over the past few years more and more, people spend a […]

Creating a Social Media Plan

Creating a social media plan is one of the most important aspects of effective social media management. Like anything else, if you do not have a plan for your social media efforts you can spend a lot of time without any significant results. Also without a social media plan, how will you know if you […]

List of Social Networks

There are more social networking sites than you can count on both your fingers and toes. It seems that every day there is some new, next, big thing in the world of social networking. So as an educator how do you choose which ones to spend your limited time on and which ones to ignore? That […]