Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013

Social Media is still experiencing growth throughout the first half of 2013, and it does not look like its slowing down anytime soon. See our Updated Social Media Effects on Students for 2017 Social Media Facts Some of the areas where social media is growing are: Twitter is the fastest growing of all the social […]

Android Apps for Educators

Google has put a lot of energy and money into helping developers create the Android apps for educators. They have recently launched the Google Play for Education. This is an entire website aimed at developers hoping to entice them to create Android apps targeted at the education market. Here is a brief video about what […]

Social Media for Educators

Using Social Media in Education is no longer just a nice to have skill, it has become what students expect. Students expect their schools whether it’s K-12 or higher education to have a prescience on Social media. As social media as grown in popularity over the past few years more and more, people spend a […]