Social Media Effects on Students

Many educators are becoming concerned about the effects social media may have on students who spend a lot of time on social media. There is likely a good reason. Social Media can be a major time waster. Students can wind up spending all their time perusing Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or mostly YouTube and it can eat […]

Micro Learning- What is Micro Learning

Microlearning( sometimes referred to as micro-learning, micro-learning, or nano-learning) is a strategy for delivering instruction in a method that fills in skill gaps very quickly. Many instructors are incorporating micro-learning or nano-learning into their everyday instruction. The idea is to take complex subjects and break them up into bite-size learning pieces. This will improve retention and make concepts easier to […]

Using PokemonGo as an educational app

Unless you have been totally out of touch with the students, you have heard about the PokemonGo rage that is taking the world by storm. PokemonGo has garnered a lot of press, some good and some bad. the bad mostly comes from people doing stupid things while trying to catch them all. Regardless of where […]