Using your iPad in Education( Connect your Documents to One Drive)

The iPad is probably one of the best tools for teaching to come along in a long time. You can use your iPad in Education very quickly with a few select application. When you connect it to your Office 365 account, then you can improve your productivity. You can create documents on the bus ride home and then share them with everyone in your class with the click of a couple of buttons.

Let’s See how to create a document on your iPad and then upload to your OneDrive account on Office 365. All the education plans for Office 365 now come with the full version of office, including the mobile versions included. You should see them when you log into, and if you do not, then you will need to contact your administrator. In some instances, they may need to upgrade your licenses or request a new license from Microsoft. The licenses are free for colleges using Office 365 who are also Microsoft volume licensing customers( That is pretty much everyone in the U.S.)

Getting Started with your iPad in Education

How to Use OneDrive on iPad

For one drive to be useful on your iPad, you need to install applications that can connect to it first. There are quite a few apps that will allow you to connect to one drive and save your files, but the Microsoft suite applications should be the first as you know they are going to work and be upgraded as Office 365 receives updates. Let’s walk through installing the Word application on your iPad as a first step.

Installing Word

The first step is to install Microsoft Word Mobile on your iPad; you can search from the app store or grab it from your Office 365 account. Once you get Office 365 word installed, go ahead to step 1


Then you need to add your account to your Microsoft Documents mobile. Launch the application then click open as shown below

Add One Drive to iPad
Add One Drive to iPad

You will then be presented with the Office 365 login form.

Click Add Place and login with your office 365 credentials.

Signing into One Drive from iPad
Signing into One Drive from iPad

Select the Work Account from the next screen. If you do not have an Office 365 Education Account or Business plan, then you will need to select Microsoft account.

Selecting your account for use with office 365 with ipad in education
Select Work Account to Log into Office 365

You will then see your OneDrive account listed as an option to save to when saving documents. Notice the SharePoint option is also available for selection. There is a SharePoint site as part of your Office 365 account if your administrator has turned on the features and licensed you for its use. In a later post, we will discuss how you can use SharePoint to set up your Learning Management platform very quickly and give you more features when sharing documents with your students.

Office 365 connected to iPad
Office 365 connected to iPad

Then all you need to do is to create your document and save it to your OneDrive account.

Assign Homework with iPad
Assign Homework with iPad

So that is it, pretty simple. Once you start using your iPad and have it connected to your OneDrive account as well as other cloud-based storage you may have, you will find it to be a real time saver. Make sure to subscribe to get more tips on how to turn your iPad into a time-saving learning application that you can use in your classroom. Other iPad apps are useful for college students

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