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intel education study review appIntel Education Study – This is an application that you can use to rent textbooks for a semester. It is a lot cheaper than buying your books, and you get the same result. One drawback is each professor selects their textbook for classes and you may or may not find the needed book in the application. The best part is it does not cost anything to look and see if your book is there at a lot cheaper It is still worth a look to download and sees what is available as it saves you a lot and that can be spent on pizza or some other life-saving activity. This app started out as Kno Textbooks and was purchased by Intel. As of this writing, they have 250,000 titles in stock, and that number will just increase over time.

You may be wondering why is Intel in the textbook business? Kno Textbooks has had years in the college textbook industry, and they worked to obtain as many college textbooks as possible for their college student users. Intel recognized that they now have one of the largest collection of digital textbooks of many of their competitors.

Prices are not out of the ordinary regarding prices. You may be able to find your book elsewhere at a little cheaper price, but you probably won’t find it.

That is one of the main obstacles when choosing any college textbook application. If you have downloaded other applications to attempt to save money, then you know exactly what we are talking about. You can’t find your books in some applications. That is why we recommend downloading multiple textbook apps.


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Textbook Prices

The costs of college textbooks have just gotten out of hand over the past 20 or so years. The truth is many college bookstores always overcharged for books. It’s a method they can use to help offset the costs of maintaining a bookstore on campus. The publishers charge the college bookstores a lot of money too, which is why there is another added cost in college bookstores that you won’t have in the larger book market.

User Reviews for Intel Education Study( Formerly Kno Textbooks).

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Overall this is solid college textbook app. They are actively increasing their inventory of available books and working to make college digital textbooks affordable to anyone.

The Intel Education Study Textbook app made it onto our list of the best iPad applications for college students A comprehensive list of useful college applications identified by surveys collected from college seniors.


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