Google develops NanoDegree program for mobile

Google has teamed up with Udacity to offer a nano degree in mobile app development. This MOOC was created by Google to demonstrate how to get a mobile app from concept to production. They provide the course content for free, but if you require a mentor and want the certificate, then you will need to pay Udacity $199 per month to get the Tech Entrepreneur Nano Degree. Although if you complete it within 12 months, you will get half your money back.

This course has all the sections you may need to get an app up. It not only covers development, but it also shows you how to get customers and market your ideas as well as even secure venture funding. Overall this looks like a great course and full of pertinent information.  This program was designed to help the less technical individuals learn the ins and outs of creating successful apps, so it may make sense to incorporate some of this instruction into your educational activities. Whether you want to, just learn yourself or point students to the courses so they can get a headstart.

Yu could use the data presented in this course to create your own educational app for use in your classes or just to prove you can do it. The course is designed for the non-technical user, so even if you do not have a degree in computer science you can gather some benefit from the courses.

The content is free and can be accessed without paying a fee so it may prove perfect for cash-strapped college students who may want to get into the app development market.

Mobile Apps are the future of the internet. If you watch social media stats, you will see that every new publication the growth of mobile is out stepping desktop computing. So whether you are trying to reap the advantages of social media or incorporate digital literacy in your educational offerings, then you will likely need to deliver this content through mobile apps. This is a type of micro learning which many people are finding very effective when delivering technical content.

The Tech Entrepreneur Nano Degree consists of 5 courses:

  • Project Design:  This course teaches the student about Google’s design methodology.  The focus is on interface design and choosing the correct metrics to consider when entering the design phase.
  • Prototyping – This course teaches the student how to build valid prototype fo their design. Using online tools. Prototyping is a very valuable tool that many people do not adequately perform, and this section of the degree will help you to test your ideas and determine if you are meeting requirements without needing to do much programming up front.
  • Monetization – This teaches the student how to develop a plan to monetize the application assuming that is one of the design goals. If you are building an educational app, then it may not be important to earn money, but hey if it gets popular you may want to think about this at the front end, even if you do not initially implement monetization.
  • Marketing – This course shows you how to get the word out about your app, marketing your app to the masses. It covers both free and paid methods of marketing on the internet, so this could be a useful course even if you do not complete the rest.
  • Funding a startup. – This section goes through funding a startup app company. This could be useful for business students and give you options on how apps are built and funded in the real world.

Going through this product will not teach you everything you may need to code the next great android app for educators, but it will give you a good start and provide tips and pointer son how other successful mobile applications have been developed. I have personally gone through the course and the advice you receive from others who have already gone down this path is invaluable to not only mobile app development but any type of business venture.

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