Google Apps Training Materials

When you first startup up your Google domain, then you likely need to find some Google Apps training materials. There are many consulting firms that provide training for Google Apps, and you can hire the consultants, and in some cases, it makes a lot of sense. Google does provide a large array of training materials, even a certification course for Google Apps. They are very intensive and takes care of the of the essentials you will need and or some educational institutions may just not have the time to go through setting everything up.

To get the most out of your time investment in Google Apps for education, then you will want to spend some time determining exactly how to effectively use the apps in your environment. You may want to set up a Lean Six Sigma project to determine the way you are using your distance learning resources now and see if you can gain any effectiveness with your roll out. Or it may be that you already have a great Distance learning platform in place and do not need to change anything on that.

It also may be that you are not interested in using the Google Classroom functionality of Google Apps and you are just interested in using the email functionality or perhaps even enhancing your current offerings with Google Forms in education.

Regardless of how you intend to use Google Apps, you will want to make sure you provide adequate training for the applications. There is a list of the free Google apps for education training available here that you can check out. The best first step is to have your distance coordinators or your more tech-savvy faculty go through the training provided by Google and then make a determination as to whether they can determine best practices that may work. After that work is performed then you may want to look at hiring one of the consultants out there to either help you develop your implementation plan or just enhance what you are already doing and perhaps provide some fresh ideas. This will allow you to put together the best sources of Google Apps Training Materials for your faculty and staff


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