Google Apps for Education Training

Google apps for education can be daunting when you first start to use your domain. There are so many different options you probably are not sure where to start. The good thing is this is Google, and they anticipated people needing some training on how to use all the products available with Google Apps for Education.

They have an entire learning system setup at Google Apps for Education Training. There are two different tracks. One of if you are brand new to Google products, after all, many of the Google apps for education apps are just Gmail, Google Drive, spreadsheets and the many other Google products you have grown to love and use every day. If you have some experience, then you can likely go the advanced route, but if you need a refresher or are not sure you are up to speed, then the fundamentals course, may be for you. There is a great section on using Google forms in the classroom, and since this is one of the most powerful apps in this suite for gathering feedback or capturing assignments from students, you will not want to miss that section.

There is also training on how to use Chromebooks and Android devices in your learning activities. These can be very useful to go through all three sections as a user

Of course, they did not forget about the Administrator. This is critical if you are coming from an Office 365 background as there are quite a few differences between Google Apps for Education and the A2 or A3 plans available to educational institutions through Office 365.

Each of the Google apps training tracks provides tests, and you can even become a Certified Google Apps Administrator through the Administrator apps program. This training is all free and is one of the many value-added services that Google offers. Whether you have already implemented Google Apps for Education or if you are still just in the planning stages, you will want to spend some time going through these great resources. The first apps you may want to look at when setting up your Google account is Google forms and how to use Google classroom. These two apps will allow you to gather feedback while you are implementing the project. You can use Google Forms to gather data from your team members, and Google classroom can be used to deliver instruction on how to utilize Google apps and obtain the most

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