Free Technology for Educators

Free technology for educators is something we all strive to locate. If you listen to the news stories you might think that teachers are paid so much money they would never need to search out discounts, but that’s not really true. There may be some overpaid educators out there but the vast majority barely make a living. Then many times they wind up buying supplies with their money because of the politics they have to go through to get a purchase order approved. Of course, then there are schools that barely have enough money to operate so extras are out of the question. Educators still need effective technology to make a difference so technology discounts targeted at educators are attractive. Free Technology is even better.

5 Free Technology for educators

Free AWS Server Resources:

Amazon will give educators free server resources on their robust AWS platform. Amazon offers grants for educational use. you can apply for credits which can be used in your classes to help instruct students on the effective use of cloud technologies. Each student can get 100 dollars credit for the services and when combined into student groups that can allow the students to bring up an entire suite of services to build cloud applications that follow best practices for stability. Whether you are teaching them how to build the next best social media network or design systems for artificial intelligence

Free Virus Protection:

In this day of new computer viruses or malware getting released every day, it is important to make sure you have virus protection. Your school likely provides virus protection on your educational computer, but what about at home. Avast provides free virus protection for schools and educators. Your institution can save a lot of money by going to Avast as they will offer protection for up to 30,000 devices. This is enough of educational institutions to provide protection on the network as well as for home use.

Free Project Management Software;

No matter what the discipline employers expect employees to have effective project management skills. Teaching students to use project management software will only help them once they enter the workforce. Project management can be done with Excel, but the methodology of project management is what students need to know more than the process. having an understanding of project management is what will prepare them for today’s marketplace.

Free Mapping Software:

Google Earth is by far the best tool for illustrating  the geography of the earth and their mapping tools are some of the best on the planet. Google provides free access to Google Earth Professional as well as the Google Maps engine. This can help you teach students about the geography of the earth as well as the engine could be used with the AWS free servers for educators to help the students build out their applications for social media and not become one of the failed social media sites.

Free Engineering Software:

Engineering and technology  disciplines can benefit from this offer of free AutoDesk engineering software from the leader in this field, AutoDesk. Many institutions already use AutoDesk in the classroom in some version. This will let you get AutoDesk software for free to use for instruction purposes. This will help you prepare students with the actual software they will probably use after graduation.

Hopefully, you can find some uses for these free technology for educators offers. You can use a lot of these educational apps to take the college to the students. If you know of any other free resources for educators or discounts for teachers, please share in the comments section.

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