Free Teacher Training on Animation

Disney and Khan Academy have put together a free course in animation for both educators and students. The free course teaches the basics of creating animation for use in projects. The course is designed with a younger audience in mind and is designed for students to have fun.

I have gone through the first few lessons, and it is very interactive. The content is based on many of characters in Pixar films such as Monster Academy so it should work very well to keep students engaged. There are also areas specifically for educators where it gives you tips and tricks for incorporating the content into your standard classroom. Since this is all web based, it would work very weel to incorporate into your Google classroom content or could be used as standalone content.

While the course is designed to be useful for all ages, the later chapters may only be appropriate for higher grades, high school or above.


Environment Modeling – All Ages – Learn to set up your environment 

Character Modeling –  All Ages, but the math may be a little tough for students are lower than 7th grade.

Animation All Ages but again the math is above most grade school level. This is where the fun really starts, and you start learning how to make things move. 

Crowds – Learn how to set up crowds in your creation and start to bring it all together.

Sets & Staging Covers how to build your sets 

Rendering  – Rendering your final product and getting ready to publish.

While you will not be an expert animator at the end of this free course, you will have the foundation to take your skills to another level. The idea behind these free classes is to inspire students to enjoy learning. Not many students benefit from the content in their math courses but by going through this type of course, they will see how important math is to these kinds of jobs and how it is useful, and there is a reason to memorize their timetables.

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