Free Education Apps

There is a wide array of free education apps for use in the classroom. Some educators are really taking advantage of these free resources and as a result, improving the efficiency of the delivery methods for education in the 21st century.  You can search either the Apple iTunes store or Google play and literally find 1000’s of these education applications. They are not all free, but a lot of them do not cost anything. Most of the free versions do have either advertising or another version you can upgrade to for a fee that provides more functionality, but many are free as air.

If you are looking for education apps for your iPad or educational material for your android tablet, you can find some great application with just a little searching. Of course don’t forget abut the desktop, many times to use a mobile application in your classroom, you will likely need a desktop version of the application. This will mainly be for your management of the assignments and other materials you may want to disseminate to your students. We are a big fan of Google apps for education around here and every app offered in this suite has a mobile as well as desktop component. That way you don’t leave anyone out and you can have a feature rich platform to manage your classroom activities.

If you search the Google Play store for Top Free in Education, then you will get a huge list of mobile applications you can use in your classroom. The great thin about free is you do not have to go to the administration and beg for money.

Free Education Apps


Of course going through this list can be tedious and choosing which is the best free education app, can sometimes take more time than you want to dedicate, but it’s worth it to provide a more technical experience for your students. You can read about how to weed out the best learning apps from the not so good apps by following our recommendations in the previous link.

Google Apps for education is one of the best resources for providing cutting edge delivery of content and if you ar not already using it, then you should check it out. Even if your institution does not have a Google apps for education account, you can still use many of the features provided by the suite, as they are available outside the Gooogle apps for education suite.

You can also use twitter in the classroom it’s useful for teaching your students how to use social media for more than just posting what you did. If you follow the right people on sites like twitter then you can enhance education by finding resources you may have not otherwise seen. This teaches students how to become life-long learners.

These are just a few of the many iPad for educators applications available. there are many different educational applications for both iPad and Android devices. Educators jsut need to search for some of the best applications and then incorporate them into your instructional activities.

For more of our recommendations for free educational apps, check out this post on free technology for teachers.

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