Introducing Facebook Embedded posts

Facebook has taken another step at moving beyond its reach with the announcement of their embedded post feature. This will allow other websites to publish public posts from celebrities on other websites. Right now the list of websites who have the feature is limited to CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, People and Mashable, but it will become more widespread as the Facebook feature is finalized.

One of the examples was a picture Andy Murray shared after winning the 2013 Wimbledon championship.

Andy Murray Facebook Embedded Post


There were also Facebook embedded post examples for the birth of the Royal baby. It’s not clear what all capabilities the embedded posts will have. If the sites can publish the posts and still have it communicate with the conversations and comments that take place on Facebook then the feature could gain some ground as it should help to increase social interaction on the hosting site. This is one way you can use social media in education.

A lot of marketing professionals in education shy away from Facebook as an advertising medium for their educational institutions, but that does not make a lot of sense. A lot of schools are afraid of the reach a social network such as Facebook has and they do not see the role social media can have in education. If this is one of the reasons you have not embraced social media, then you are missing out on a  huge opportunity. While it is true that social media can spread bad news very quickly, it’s also possible to put out your positive news just as effectively. If you do not have a platform to build on as in a dec3ent facebook prescience, then combatting bad press is a lot harder. People tend to believe what they read, so it’s important to make sure you can tell the correct story.

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