Educational Apps for iPads

There are a lot of educational apps for iPads on the market. A search for education in the Apple store will bring back hundreds of results. Some of them are great applications and some are just not useful.  So as an educator you can go through the endless list trying until you find the right combination or you can just keep reading as we list some of the best learning apps for educators. There is no way we can list our all the useful educational apps in the AppStore, so we also give some tips on choosing the best educational apps for iPads that you can use to separate the junk from the truely useful educational applications.


Dropbox: it can be used to store additional copies of hand-outs. Students print copies on their own. Students can turn in homework assignments and Dropbox will time stamp submissions. It also makes distributing PowerPoint presentations very easy.

Evernote is a very powerful note-taking and organizational program. It allows you to organize your thoughts in a manner that makes it effortless to keep up with your thoughts. It’s great for organizing ideas for research papers and other assignments your students may have.

My Study Life: It works like a calendar application allowing you to plan out your schedule in days, weeks, months, and years. This can make planning ahead a lot easier if you use the app religiously. In conjunction with Evernote, you have a great combination to keep on track.

Socrative: allows you to engage your students with educational exercises and games white capturing student responses in real time.  This raises the interaction level of the classroom and keeps students engage with your content. There is also reporting functionality so you can gauge where your students may be lacking and allow you to plan future learning activities around weaknesses the classroom may be having.

Toontastic: Kids choose the character and setting for each scene to tell their story. The app doesn‘t Just allow kids to make their own cartoons, it also teaches the fundamentals of storytelling.

Gosoapbox: GoSoapBox is used during participation barriers, keeping students engaged. GoSoaPBox is anonymous among students so teachers will hear questions and opinions that they may not have gotten otherwise.


These are just a few of the many educational apps for iPad. Of course, this list is for from complete as there are literally thousands of educational apps available in the app store. Many or free and some come with a small fee. When choosing an app for educational activities, I alway start with a specific search in the store to choose the app. Such as educational apps for college students or educational apps for algebra. This way I can narrow down the choices. The second step is to pay attention to the reviews and rating from other users. This will allow you to quickly eliminate apps that may not really be what you need or ones where there is not active development or support. Of course, you will also want to remember that not all your students may have iPads and many may have Android tablets. In this case, you will want to check and see if there is a version of the educational app for Android tablet at the same time. That way you keep all your students on the same page.


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