Educational Apps for Android Tablets

There are many educational apps for Andriod Tablets that you can use to enhance learning. Consequently, in many classrooms, mobile apps are replacing textbooks to digital editions. While some old schoolers will find this strange many of the millennial generation adopt reading textbooks on their tablet with ease. It’s  a lot easier to deliver interactive content on a tablet than any other way in the classroom. This has lead to a vast array of educational apps for Andriod tablets.

If you search Google Play you will find thousands of apps that fall under the category for education. Many people try to rank the top educational apps for Android or the best educational apps, but there is really no such thing. The best educational apps are the ones that meet your particular purpose and the only was to really determine that is to download one and try it out. All apps have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, take a took at the following list from the Google Play store for a search on educational apps for college students:

Educational Apps for Android Tablets

educational apps for android tablets
Google Play has many educational apps for android tablets.

As you can see from this small subset of the apps useful for college students above there are many to choose from. And this is just from one search for educational apps for college students. Imagine if you searched for educational apps for kids or educational apps for high school. You can quickly see how you will be overwhelmed. That is why we will not be recommending any particular apps for education but instead will show you how to pick winners from the vast list of available educational apps.

First thing, is to construct your search for as close to what you are looking for as required. For example, educational apps for college algebra. The first choice on the list is an app by Kahn Academy.  As an educator you have likely already heard of Kahn and if you have not then you should as they create a lot of great content that can help educators do their job better.


The first thing to look at when evaluating an educational app is to read the description. I know this is elementary, but you would be surprised how many people have asked me about certain mobile applications when it’s clear they have not even read about what it does. The second step is to look at the ratings. Anything above 4 is likely pretty good, but also pay attention to the comments and recommendations. Many times if an app has buggy code or just does not perform as advertised, then others will write about their experiences. This could save you a lot of time as you may be able to determine just from others comments as to whether the educational app is stable and performs that tasks advertised. This is especially important for the non-free apps as you do not want to buy something just to discover it does not work well or there is no support available.

The final thing to look at is the updated schedule, it’s sometimes referred to as what’s new. you want applications with a regular update schedule. This is to ensure the developer is actively working on improving the application and adding new features. Many times a developer may lose interest in a project and if that happens then you are left with an app, that will likely break on your next Android upgrade or when you find a bug then it will never get fixed.

Another thing to remember is that not all your students will have an android tablet for use in their educational pursuits, some may need educational apps for iPads as that is the device they are using. You will want to check and ensure that the education application publisher has also created a version for the iPad so you do not leave these students out of your learning activities.

These few steps and a little common sense will help you when choosing the best educational apps for android tablets as well as other android applications you may look for when you just want to play. You may need an  iPad for educators application and many of the same rules for choosing an Android application for education also apply to IOS applications. Normally when a company releases one version they also release a version for the other major player, so this means there are just as many( maybe more) iPad apps for college students too.




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