Dragon Anywhere Mobile App Review

Dragon Anywhere LogoDragon Anywhere is one of the multiple tools available under the Nuance brand name. They are mostly known for Dragon Naturally Speaking which is a desktop app that has gotten pretty good over the years. Dragon Anywhere allows you to perform many of the same tasks. You can create documents of any length right from your iPhone. This makes it very easy to use your phone as a dictation device while you are out on the go.

The mobile app claims 99% accuracy right out of the gate without the need for training. This is true if you have a proper American accent, but if you are from the south, northeast or midwest, you may not get that level of accuracy until you train it a little. But overall the accuracy of this app is excellent.

There are< not limits to the length of a document like some of its competitors have. You can create documents as long as you want and then transfer them to another device such as a laptop for editing and proofing. It is possible to edit on the phone, but to me, that is just too cumbersome.

You can create custom dictionaries for words that are jargon unique in your industry to extend the usability of the app.

You can edit with the same voice commands you would expect in a  Dragon product. You can select words or even replace entire sentences with voice commands. There are a few to remember so this has a little bit of a learning curve.

Sharing with other apps is also possible, you can import your Dragon anywhere creations into both Dropbox and Evernote without the need for 3rd party tools. This helps you quickly move your documents from location to location.


Screenshots Dragon Anywhere:


dragon anywhere screenshot


Reviews of Dragon Anywhere

If you look on the app store, you will find mixed reviews for this product. There is not a lot of middle ground, you either love the app, or you hate it. Most of the comments where the app received a low rating are related to the cost. Nuance has been able to charge a premium price for its software for quite a while, and they may have this one priced a little high. The initial version is free, but to upgrade to everything it does get a little pricey for most college students.


Dragon Anywhere Review

Overall this is a decent product and is very useful for dictating notes or recording a lecture. The target market is the working professional which means the price is a little higher than one may expect. Overall its good product and they are actively developing enhancements and release new features every couple of months. This mobile app is one of the apps on our best iPad apps article. This is an excellent addition to your college digital toolkit.

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