Department of Education releases the 2016 Educational Technology plan

The department of education has released the 2016 educational technology plan to the public. This plan is updated every five years and contains a wealth of information that educators can use when designing their educational technology programs and applications. This year’s report is heavy on promoting equity across programs. That is they are recommending that  your design your educational technology to reach the largest portion of your demographic as possible. Of course, this is what the majority of educational technologists will be doing anyway.


If you are not trying to design your educational technology so it is assessable by the majority of your students, then you may want to take a long hard look at your policies and then look at how your can align your goals with the goals of the department of ED’s report.

Educational Technology Plan

The plan calls for schools and districts to:

  • Redesign teacher preparation programs to shift from a single technology course to thoughtful use of technology throughout a teacher’s preparation and minimum standards for higher education instructors’ tech proficiency.

  • Set an expectation of equitable access to technology and connectivity inside and outside of school regardless of students’ backgrounds.

  • Adopt high-quality openly licensed educational materials in place of staid, traditional textbooks.

  • Implement universal design principles for accessibility across all educational institutions and include these principles within teacher preparation programs.

  • Improve technology-based assessments to allow for embedded delivery within instruction and making near real-time feedback for educators possible.

  • Establish a robust technology infrastructure that meets current connectivity goals and can be augmented to meet future demand.


While this educational technology plan should only serve as a guide for creating your own individualized technology plan, it has some great tips you may want to incorporate in your own plan. It makes sense to read into the fact that since this education technology plan is released by the department of education, then there may be grants coming down the pipe, that could help you implement some fo the suggestions in the plan.

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