Video in Education

Video has always been one of the most valuable tools in education. Not to mention that today’s students just demand it. According to the recent Noel-Levitz survey, YouTube is the most popular social network among teens and young adults. Many report spending a least 10 hours per week watching videos on this social network. For this reason, along you should incorporate video into your instruction, but there are other benefits that can help you become more efficient and make better use of your time. The articles that follow discuss some methods for using video in the classroom and at the same time reducing your workload.

Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Using video conferencing in the classroom as a teaching tool is something relatively new to a lot of educators. A lot of people think video conferencing is very expensive or too difficult to work, that they don’t even consider it. The truth is its neither of these things. Video conferencing can be very affordable( read […]

Using Video to reach students

Many educators think using video to reach students is just too difficult so they leave this powerful method off their arsenal for delivering instruction. Studies have shown that more and more consumers prefer to watch online videos to reading a text.  That translates to: your prospects and customers would rather watch online videos to reading […]