Social Networking Resources

Social Networks are making inroads into education. The list of social networks is ever growing. There is definitely a place for social media in education and there are many educational applications to help educators make the most of these platforms as a learning resource.

SEO with Content Marketing

Considering Search engine optimization in your social media plan is not something a lot of professionals will think about. With the recent changes at all the major search engines, social media is becoming a larger part of search engine optimization. So you must consider the impact your content marketing efforts will have on your blog […]

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter in the classroom is something that a lot of educators are considering adding to their toolbox. The site is very popular with the younger generation and as such can be useful as an educational tool. According to Social networking statistics for 2013, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the […]

Watch Social Media Networking Site – Pinterest

There is an interesting article over Read Write Social which states Pinterest is a social media platform that you should keep your eye on. The site which is only a little over two years old, and does not have the big money behind it like some of the other social media platforms, has grown to […]