Social Media for Educators

Social Media is becoming a large part of Education. We list out articles below that cover the role of social media in education and investigate methods you can use to incorporate social networks into the instructional process and use these platforms as a learning app.   Social Media has many uses in education, from recruitment to providing educational technology resources  to your students you just need to implement a strategy for incorporating social media into your educational software. If you plan out your social media strategy then you will start to reap many of the advantages of social media in education. Your students will gain more benefit from your efforts and you will be able to justify expenses with measurable results. This area provides information on how to build your strategy.

Some Educators do not believe in the effectiveness of social media and that is because they miss planning for the measuring in the beginning. Make sure you can give yourself a grade on your social media efforts.

Role of Social Media in Education

In some instances, educational institutions will not devote the resources to social media needed for it to produce effective results. As a result, many administrators will say social media is not worth the time. This is just not true a well thought out and executed strategy can not only bring in additional students to a college, it can also increase engagement with the ones already enrolled. These topics provide insight into how to set up and effective social media strategy and get the most return on your investment.

Advantages of Social Media for Students

There are many advantages of social media for students, and the social networking platforms can be useful for much more than just entertainment. Social networking is poised to make a tremendous impact on education. The students are already on the platforms; the educators are just lagging behind. There is a learning curve to using social media in teaching […]

Advantages of Social Media

There are many advantages of social media. Considering this is a relatively new medium for social communication media has changed the core of the way people share information with acquaintances. There are those who build strong relationships through social media with people they know in real-life, but many of the people connected on social media are […]

Social Media and Education

Lots of educators wonder if social media and education are compatible. There is a place for social media in today’s educational endeavors, but whether you are for or against have your social media and education intertwined, likely depends on your perspective. If you are an elementary or middle school teacher, then it’s likely that you do […]