Google Sheets Review

Google Sheets is part of Google’s G Suite of products which was formally known as Google Apps. Google Sheets is Google’s answer to Microsoft Office Excel. Some like it better and some do not. Personally, I think Google sheets is great if all you are doing is viewing and editing data in a tabular format. perhaps […]

Google Drive Mobile App Review

Google Drive is one of the best applications released as part of the G Suite of products. With Google Drive, you can store your documents and other digital assets on Google’s cloud. This makes it very easy for you to access your files from multiple locations, whether you are on your desktop or your mobile device. […]

Dragon Anywhere Mobile App Review

Dragon Anywhere is one of the multiple tools available under the Nuance brand name. They are mostly known for Dragon Naturally Speaking which is a desktop app that has gotten pretty good over the years. Dragon Anywhere allows you to perform many of the same tasks. You can create documents of any length right from your iPhone. This makes […]