Resources for Educators

There are many educator resources that can be used in the classroom. These range from the many free technology resources that educators can use including free training on how to incorporate those educational applications into your instructional activities.

Using Educational Apps to take College to the Students

  Technology has allowed so much growth with how education is delivered in the past few years. We can now reach a greater audience than we ever could before with the upward trend of more and more individuals participating in social media. Technology will now allow us to take the classroom to the students where […]

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter in the classroom is something that a lot of educators are considering adding to their toolbox. The site is very popular with the younger generation and as such can be useful as an educational tool. According to Social networking statistics for 2013, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the […]

Free Technology for Educators

Free technology for educators is something we all strive to locate. If you listen to the news stories you might think that teachers are paid so much money they would never need to search out discounts, but that’s not really true. There may be some overpaid educators out there but the vast majority barely make […]