Educational Trends

Educational Trends come and go depending upon the laws and the latest ideas presented on how to bet deliver educational instruction to the masses. These educational articles describe some of the latest educational trends and explain ways you can utilize the trends in your instruction.

Flipped Classroom Model

The flipped classroom model is a type of blended learning where the activities students would normally do during class is moved to the outside of class and the work that was typically assigned as homework is performed in class. This allows the teacher to become more of a coach and serves to facilitate the acquisition of […]

Flipped Learning – What is Flipping the classroom

Flipped Learning has been gaining steam and is getting the attention of educators everywhere. If you have been in education any length of time, you have probably seen a lot of initiatives take hold. One of the latest is flipped learning where you flip your classroom instruction around. This concept is absorbing and has the […]

Apple acquires learning app startup

Apple has acquired a startup for an undisclosed sum. Learn Spout allows educators to gain insight into student outcomes through their API which pulls real-time data out of student information systems. Having real-time information on a student’s potential outcome is very valuable to educational institutions of all sizes. Learn Sprout has made quite a few […]