Educational Trends

Educational Trends come and go depending upon the laws and the latest ideas presented on how to bet deliver educational instruction to the masses. These educational articles describe some of the latest educational trends and explain ways you can utilize the trends in your instruction.

Why the government should not get involved in education

So Homeland Security has recommended uninstalling the Apple Quicktime product. The reason for this can be found all over the news outlets as this is big news. We won’t get into the political side where the government is initially trying to hurt a US Icon company. This isn’t a political blog so we won’t get into whether […]

Flipped Classroom Pros and Cons

The flipped classroom model is getting much attention of late. Some say it is the most radical move by education in years. Others say it hinders teaching and doesn’t work. I am not going to get into this debate, but just present some of the flipped classroom pros and cons that have become apparent as […]

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is a term coined to describe the ability of individuals to find, evaluate, create or utilize content found in digital format. The internet is the main reason that people need to be digitally literate. There is so much information at your fingertips; it is easy to determine which content is valuable and which […]