Educational Applications

Many educational applications on the market that can be used to enhance education in the classroom. This topic covers some of those many educational resources and learning applications and provides tips for effectively incorporating them into instructional activities. There are a lot of free educational technology that can be used in the classroom. Companies such as Google provide cloud-based solutions such as Google Classroom and even provide free training for their Google Apps.

Using PokemonGo as an educational app

Unless you have been totally out of touch with the students, you have heard about the PokemonGo rage that is taking the world by storm. PokemonGo has garnered a lot of press, some good and some bad. the bad mostly comes from people doing stupid things while trying to catch them all. Regardless of where […]

Inverted Classroom

Inverted Learning classrooms are picking up steam as of late. Some people refer to these as flipped learning or flipping the classroom. Its all in what you prefer, but they all mean essentially the same thing. You allow the students to consume lecture when they would traditionally be doing homework and then during lecture time you allow […]

Using Office Mix to Create Educational Videos

If you haven’t heard, Microsoft is launching a new add-on for PowerPoint that is sure to shake things up. Office Mix allows you to add an increased level of interaction to your powerpoint slides, and while you could always do some fo these things, like embed video in presentations, this new implementation is impressive. We have only […]