Educational Applications

Many educational applications on the market that can be used to enhance education in the classroom. This topic covers some of those many educational resources and learning applications and provides tips for effectively incorporating them into instructional activities. There are a lot of free educational technology that can be used in the classroom. Companies such as Google provide cloud-based solutions such as Google Classroom and even provide free training for their Google Apps.

Office 365 vs. Google Apps/GSuite for Education

Many education institutions run into a dilemma when trying to choose between Office 365 versus Google Apps/GSuite for their institution. Both Office 365 and Google Apps are free( well almost) to educational institutions for essential services. So the choice between which is better falls to the ability of the suites to deliver needed functionality. Google and Microsoft […]

Using Microsoft Office 365 Forms in Office 365 Education

The Microsoft Office 365 Forms application is one of the most useful tools in the Microsoft Office 365 education suite. For those long time Office buffs, you may have worked with Infopath forms and Office 365 forms is the online equivalent of that desktop product. You can use Office 365 forms to create quizzes, surveys, registrations or […]

Micro Learning- What is Micro Learning

Microlearning( sometimes referred to as micro-learning, micro-learning, or nano-learning) is a strategy for delivering instruction in a method that fills in skill gaps very quickly. Many instructors are incorporating micro-learning or nano-learning into their everyday instruction. The idea is to take complex subjects and break them up into bite-size learning pieces. This will improve retention and make concepts easier to […]