Educational Technology

Educational Technology is a broad and ever changing subject.  These articles explore some of the many options in Educational Technology and explore how you can utilize this technology to enhance student learning.

Build a MOOC with Moodle for Free

MOOC’s or Massive Open Online Courses have taken the educational industry by storm.  Moreover, they are no the only ones, with courses delivered by companies such as Udemy and others businesses are also getting into this trend. This makes much sense. It is a lot cheaper for a small business just to set up a catalog […]

Educational Technology Trends in 2016( Updated for 2017)

Technology is an ever-changing field, and that includes the area of educational technology. There are several educational technology trends in 2017 we are looking at for the new year.  It can be a full-time job trying to keep up with all the advancements in technology each year, and 2017 will not be any different. There […]

Chromebooks making huge strides in K12 market

According to Future Consulting, Chromebooks and the Google Chrome Os are making huge strides in K12 education. Over 50% of the laptops sold to K12 institutions over the past year where Chromebook. Many analysts cite the main reason for this sharp increase is a result of how easy it is for the IT teams in schools […]