Build a MOOC with Moodle for Free

MOOC’s or Massive Open Online Courses have taken the educational industry by storm.  Moreover, they are no the only ones, with courses delivered by companies such as Udemy and others businesses are also getting into this trend. This makes much sense. It is a lot cheaper for a small business just to set up a catalog of their training materials and then deliver them online. These could be all sorts of courses from basic onboarding training classes to more specialized on how to perform certain tasks specific to the business.

In the past, this has not been feasible with the high cost and expertise required to set up a learning management system. Moodle is helping to alleviate some of those obstacles. Moodle is one of the leading open source learning management systems available and is used by a lot of educational institutions for delivering online instruction. Moodle offers a free hosting platform if you want to set up a moodle install, but do not want to go through all the technical work required to host it yourself.

They offer a free version of Moodle on their MoodleCloud network which you can use as starting point for setting up your own MOOC. There are some limitations to the free version of Moodle and it would not be adequate for larger companies or educational institutions but is meant to be more of a starter platform. The free version of MoodleCloud offers:

Key features of the free MoodleCloud hosting platform include:

  • Free hosting (supported by minimal advertising)
  • Easy, instant signup using your mobile phone.
  • Full version of Moodle with almost no limitations
  • Always has the latest version, currently Moodle 2.9.1
  • Up to 50 users and 200Mb disk space
  • Unlimited courses, unlimited database size
  • Integrated with BigBlueButton for video-conferencing – free!
  • Ability to personalize and customize your Moodle site
  • Available in over 100 languages with multilingual capability
  • Full support enabled for Moodle’s official app – Moodle Mobile.


The 50 user limit makes this only useful for a small company or and educator who just wants to try out the platform with a single class, but it is full featured otherwise and would sever as good location for a proof of concept or just to let you get familiar with the features available in Moodle. You can get your free account here and only take a few minutes to get up and running with Moodle. Start building your own MOOC today.

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