Best iPad Apps for Educators

best ipad apps for educatorsThere is no shortage of apps for Educators on the marketplace. Here are a few of the best ipad apps for educators we have located.  Many of these are free and can prove very useful when you are trying to manage multiple classes. We will highlight some of the ones we have found useful and you may find them useful too.

Many people think the iPad is just a toy and can only be used for playing games, but when used properly it can be a very effective teaching tool. Many of the smart board manufacturers have apps that integrate into with their respective Smart Board. Smart Board, as well as Promethean, have some very intelligent apps, that allow you to instruct students while still giving you the flexibility to move around the room.

Teachers Assistant Pro

Teacher’s Assistant Pro allows and instruct to track the behaviors of  students from an easy to use customizable interface. You can keep track of student infractions as well as their achievements as well as create notes to help you when it comes grading them in subjective areas. The app can serve a wide variety of functions and since its customizable, it can prove functional in a wide variety of disciplines. Although not free for 13 bucks it’s a no brainier as it can reduce the stress felt when trying to keep track of many different students’ activities.

Managing Documents

A document program is a must-have for any educator who plans to use their iPad for instruction purposes. There is a multitude of these programs available for the iPad and it really comes down to preference and the features required.

A personal favorite is Quick Office Pro as it allows you to not only open and work with Microsoft Office programs, it also allows you to open and save documents to a variety of locations. You can save locally on the iPad’s memory, but you can also connect it to Google Drive or Dropbox which allows you to easily work on files both on your iPad or on your desktop. This is a real time saver and the apps work as advertised. It is a little more expensive than some of the other document management apps on the market but overall it is well worth the money it costs.

Free Books

Who doesn’t like free reading material? The FreeBooks iPad application allows you to download and enjoy over 23 thousand titles and this list grows every day. Any discipline is sure to find something they can use in their arsenal from this vast resource.

These are just a few of the best iPad apps for educators available in the iTunes store. This list of best iPad apps for educators will continue to grow. While you are looking for iPad apps for yourself, there are also some great ones on the iPad apps for college student’s page, that are also useful for the faculty. Bookmark us to stay up to date.

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