Best Ipad Apps for College Students

Best IPad Apps for College StudentsThere are so many apps for the iPad that it becomes a chore just to try and figure out which ones could be referred to as the “Best Ipad apps for college students” but we are going to try. These may help you the most with college studies. You can search for the best iPads for college in iTunes, and you will be overwhelmed with the choices.  Of course, everyone says he or she has the best app, but how can you separate the marketing hype from the useful mobile applications? You can search for the best iPads for college in iTunes, and you will be overwhelmed with the choices.  Of course, everyone says he or she has the best app, but how can you separate the marketing hype from the useful mobile applications? This is the same question many people ask. Just what makes one college algebra app, better than another. Looking at the features is the primary method for choosing or perhaps you look at the reviews. Then you can listen to people who have used the software to help them in college classes. The following list came about as a result of interviewing some students about their best iPad apps for college students, and the resulting list is a product of those findings. Of course, software is always changing, and there are thousand so of iPad apps that are useful in college. These are both very valid methods for choosing which iPad app will serve your needs and allow you to get that A in college algebra. Alternatively, squeak by with a C in Differential calculus. Let’s look at some iPad apps that can help you with productivity in college. Some of these are free apps for the iPad, and some will cost you a little money. Of course, you get what you pay for, so it makes sense to support the developers who develop these apps and purchase the paid version if it proves useful for your studies.

You can even develop your own apps, even if you are not a programmer. Technology has made it so anyone with an idea, can have their own app. Just get the toolset to make it happen.

Best Ipad Apps for College Students

intel study app Kno Textbooks – This is an application that you can use to rent textbooks for a semester. It is a lot cheaper than buying your books, and you get the same result. One drawback is each professor selects their textbook for classes, and you may or may not find the needed book in Kno. It is still worth a look to download and sees what is available as it saves you a lot and you will have more for pizza or some other life-saving activity. Kno was recently purchased by Intel, so it is likely with the additional resources the selection of available books is going to increase. As of this writing, they have 250,000 titles in stock, and that number will just improve over time.

Study Apps – Looking for an A?

study blue mobile app logo Study Blue[ This is a note card system that allows you to study for various topics. You create your note cards; then it will quiz you and let you determine your comprehension of your subjects. Study Blue is a great educational app for college students or anyone who needs to remember information. The website pulls in information from the web for definitions and actually can save you some time when creating your study cards. These can come from other users or explanations out on the internet.   iStudiez Pro – This is a planning application that helps to keep you on track. There are many online tools such as Google Apps that provide calendar type functionality, but this is so much more. You can use it as a planner, and you can put in all your courses, and you can set up your due dates, assignments. You can set up different times for lecture or lab type meetings. Once you set it up, it will alert you to deadlines for assignments or other items you set up for reminders. It will sync across devices so you can set it up on your iPad and have it sync with your iPhone so you will still get alerts when you may not have your iPad available.

Image Editing Mobile Applications

Inkflow Plus Mobile App Logo Inkflow Plus–  This is a note taking the app, which allows you to take notes quickly while you are sitting in classes. It allows you just to draw or write on your tablet. You can also insert images and other media into your notes to make them easier to understand and add more meaning to your notes. Inkflow works like a word-processor, well almost. You can capture your ideas just as if you were writing them down in a notebook. But unlike a laptop, you can easily organize and move thoughts around later. This makes this a great note taking and study app for all your college classes. You can zoom in on documents or drawings and see detail, and you can also insert pictures taken with your iPad’s camera. This makes the app perfect for taking photos of whiteboards and getting them into your study notes without needing to write everything down. This is a real time saver for those college students who have bitten off more than they can handle regarding schedule. This is probably one of the most useful apps that college students have reported using as part of our survey. There is a free version as well as paid versions Inkflow Plus. The Inkflow Plus version has the InkPort function which allows you to utilize the camera functionality. It does cost $7.99 but well worth the price in the time it saves you and is an excellent app for college.

Imaginary Numbers made easy

College Algebra for the iPad FeaturedCollege Algebra -Anyone who has struggled with quadratics or imaginary numbers understand the value of a good college algebra app. This course ruins the GPA’s of more college students than anything else. The YourTeacher College Algebra app for the iPad is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. This one does require you to fork out a few dollars from the beginning, but this is the highest rated college algebra app for all segments of our survey.

Note Taking Applications

EverNote Notetaking for college studentsEverNote – This is a great note taking an app that can be used for college courses. It has a great interface and will allow you to easily organize your notes by class, subject or any other method you may choose to utilize. This is a free app and lives up to its reputation. You can save notes or images and can easily share them with others. The sharing functionality makes it ideal for study groups to use as you can easily share your notes with other members of your team. This application was originally built for Macintosh; it functions well on both the iPad and iPhone. The initial download is free, but you will probably want to upgrade to the premium version just to get rid of some of the nag screens. This app does come with an iWatch version which can be very handy for keeping lists when you go for grub.   Text grabber text ocr scanning appTextgrabber – This app lets you take a picture of the test and then you can select the text, and it will insert it into the app. Text Grabber is a very useful application not only for college students but for anyone who may need to grab some text from a book or other writing medium and transfer it to digital format. This app has a cost of $4.99, but the time it saves when compiling notes make it invaluable. They also have a bundle that includes a PDF scanner and business card scanner which completes the functionality and is a lot cheaper as a bundle.     These are a few of the best college apps for the iPad. The iPad apps below are also very useful for getting a handle on your college classes and ensuring you get A’s in all your subjects. These are some of the best iPad apps for college students in 2016, and they will only improve over the next year as they are all under active development.

Top iPad apps for college students.

  • Calculator Plus – This is a calculator app that works relatively well. It is useful, but not a lot more than the default one that comes on the iPad. At the end of the day, it is just a calculator, and there are hundreds of these out there, but this one works fairly well and does everything you would need it to do.
  • Kindle – In this day when many books come in digital format, you need Kindle. It allows you to read Kindle books on your iPad, and it also syncs between devices. Even a desktop. When you log into Kindle with your Amazon account, it remembers where you were in books and will take you directly back to where you left off regardless of which device you were last read your document.
  • NoteShelf – is another note taking application that is available on the iPad. You can separate your note between different notebooks and design each notebook how every you want. You can type with the keyboard, or you can just use a stylus. You can quickly switch between colors which make this app perfect for getting your ideas down in a manner that allows you to identify more important notes immediately.
  • Audible — This is an audiobook website that lets you listen to books. They have a huge selection, and most of the books are not free, but if you have a long commute and need to read a lot fo your classes, this can come in very handy. This also syncs between devices so you can start listening on one device and then continue on another.
  • Dragon Dictation – This is probably the best app on this list for saving time. I am sure you have seen the advertisements for Dragon Naturally speaking where “you talk it types” is shown throughout the commercial. This is a real time saver as you can talk a lot faster than you write. You do have to train it to understand your voice, but that usually does not take that long, and you only have to do it once. At one time this voice training could be painful, especially if you had an accent, but it is not bad now. One thing to remember about this is the side of your brain that controls speech is not the same as what controls your typing, so most people will see a difference in how you write. Depending on how strong your left or right side of the brain is, the more pronounced the difference.
  •  – As you can guess this is an online dictionary and every college student needs a dictionary.
  • PDf-Notes. This lets you download and read PDF’s on your iPad, and it allows you to annotate and highlight the particular part of a PDF.  This is very useful for you to take notes from PDF.
  • Rate my Professor – This is a website that allows you to look up various professors. You should take this with a grain of salt as many students who rate are ones who have had a rough time with a teacher, so a lot of the reviews are biased towards the negative. It is still a useful app to give you an idea of what you may be getting into before you register for a class with professor x.
  • iBooks – This is another digital book reading app and you likely already have this on your iPad right now.
  • Paper by Fifty Three – This is another note taking application that works very well. It’s great if you are drawing or writing out notes and sketches for an engineering type class.
  • AutoDesk Sketchbook – If you have every used Autocad, you know just how powerful that desktop application is for engineering. This mobile app from the same company is ideal for drawing out your sketches and then saving to your Dropbox or cloud devices. These features make it perfect for sharing between devices or with others and also does not take up all your memory by storing your sketches on your device.

These are just a few of the many iPad apps for college students out there. We have tried to put together the best iPad apps for college student list available. These applications have helped individuals pass their classes and become better educated. Many of these are useful to many demographics, but they are helpful to college students. What creates an educational application is how the user uses it in education. There are many applications that while not designed as educational tools are very useful for the busy college student. Please let us know some of your favorite apps in the comments.


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