Applications for Learning

There are a lot of applications for learning on the market, and one could spend hours looking at all the options. Both in cloud-based applications such as Grammarly or the thousands of educational applications for iPads or Educational applications for Android devices. There are so many applications for learning that it would be impossible to list them all in an entire website, let along a single article. This article will just focus on a few and the ones mainly used for productivity type tasks in education

Applications for Learning

Grammarly – One of my favorite applications for learning is Grammarly. Not just for education, but for productivity.  We all know that Office applications such as Microsoft Word have built in grammar checkers, but in this world of more work being done online, then you need one for the browser. That is where Grammarly comes in. It’s a plugin for Google Chrome, which checks your spelling and grammar as you type. You can use the application without an account, but it becomes more useful if you go to and sign up for an account. The free account has quite a few checks and will be enough for most people, but if you want the power, then you will want a subscription. The premium plan allows you to set up your profile and define the type of writer you are. There is one of academia, so its very useful for certain industries. When you set your industry, it provides suggestions based on what is common in the industry.

Google Apps — Google Apps is by far the most application I use. I keep my files synced between computers with Google drive. I set up surveys with Google Forms. And while I still use Microsoft Office, especially Excel daily, I’ve started moving more and more towards using Google docs and sheets more and more. If you have a GAFEe account, then you have access to Google Classroom which can tie all the Google apps together.

Remind 101 – This one has taken off in my institution, and almost all the faculty are using this application religiously. Remind 101 is a free service that allows you to keep in contact with your students. You can sign up for a free account, then have your students go to your site and enter their cell numbers. You can then just log onto the web and send text messages to all students in your class. You can remind them of upcoming assignments or even that you have the flu today and will need to cancel class.

EverNote – Evernote is a free application that allows you to capture your thoughts and idea in a very easy to use manner. There are IOS and Android versions of Evernote, so it’s very easy to write yourself notes throughout the day. This helps me stay organized. You can also share your notes and diagrams with others who use the app. This also makes it useful for sharing with students. For example, you could draw a diagram and then share it with your students as an assignment where they label the diagram and then send it back to you. There are literal hundreds of other uses for this learning application.


These are my top applications for learning that I use every day. If you have some other favorites, please share in the comments.


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