Android Apps for Educators

Google has put a lot of energy and money into helping developers create the Android apps for educators. They have recently launched the Google Play for Education.

This is an entire website aimed at developers hoping to entice them to create Android apps targeted at the education market. Here is a brief video about what Google is doing and what they envision this resource becoming. This video may be boring for the vast majority of Educators, but it does show how Google is providing developers with the resources needed to create engaging Android apps for education.

Android Apps for Educators

The Google Play Store for educators is a fabulous resource and if you have students who use Android devices or if you use them then checking out the many apps available now and in the future is worth your time.

Android does not have the same market share as Apple does with its iPad device, but they are growing, and since many Android devices tend to be cheaper with similar functionality as the iPad, many people are moving towards Android devices.

This trend will only continue as more apps are developed for the Android store. The best thing about Android for use in Education is it has attracted a lot of Open Source type developers. These developers tend to share more freely of their code and thus produce freer or very cheap applications since their primary focus is not making money. This is the exact opposite of the way many IOS(Apple) developers or Windows developers view their work. For this reason, the growth of the Google Play Store will likely outpace many of the other offerings in the Apps market.

Since a lot of the apps are less costly, it helps schools who are struggling with shrinking budgets provide resources to allow Faculty to utilize this technology in the classroom. The Google Play Store for Educators also works with developers to help them provide volume licensing discounts to institutions where since the primary focus of Apple and Microsoft are targeting individual consumers then volume licensing type deals are not as prevalent. That is not to say they are not there; it’s just that most of the developers in these areas do not consider the needs of a large school district where the may need to license 100’s or 1000’s of devices and manage those Apps in an efficient manner that can improve educational outcomes.

Google has been putting in a lot of resources behind their offerings for educators from Google classroom to their full suite of education products, its apparent Google is her to stay for educators and will be offering better and better tools as time goes on. Apps are just one part of that future, but with college students attempting to find the best apps for college its apparent that all the big tech companies must embrace and help education to bring new technologies to education.

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