Getting Started with Yammer

If you have not heard of Yammer, then you should. If your organization has an Office 365 subscription, then you just need to join up.

Why should I join up to another method for people to send me stuff to read, you may be saying.

Give it a chance; Yammer can make your workload lighter by providing a way to bring multiple sources of data together in the same location.

The power is in the groups. Small groups of students or faculty can use Yammer tp collaborate on a particular topic. You can add files, videos and choose who can see those items.

Yammer will even send you an email when you have something new to review, so its easy to keep up on the latest postings in your collaborative group.

If you log into and your administrator has turned Yammer on for your account, then you will see an option to access.

I went in and grabbed a few screen shots of what you can expect to see when you access Yammer.

Creating a Yammer Group

Once you join your Yammer social media network, then you will notice in the top right corner options to set up groups.

yammer group creation

From this screen, you can do a lot of things with Yammer.

You can choose people within your company to follow.

Get the Yammer Mobile App which makes the collaboration in Yammer work.

You can get little notifications on your screen when there is new content. I don’t like browser notifications. I don’t mind popups, but

If you don’t like them either then you can just subscribe to individual groups by email and then let Yammer send you an email that you have content to review.

I’ll show you where the email subscription option is later on.


After you click Start a Group in Yammer, you will be presented with a screen like below where you can name your Yammer group as well as add members to your team.

If you have read my post on a recent Yammer update, you will know that soon Groups will be created based on the Active Directory groups at your college. These makes it very easy to give the complete college access to groups. Getting them to us them has proven more difficult for me. I think it’s because people have not explored the power in having your company social network.

One cool feature of Yammer that could be very useful. Do you all get multiple emails with links to videos you have to watch as some part of your job? You can just upload videos for the entire company or control access to who can see the video. College Marketing could use these groups to pass around files or videos so multiple people could see them.

It makes it efficient to work with team members, and you can even shot a version over to the customer to ensure you are on the right track with your project.

Setting up your personal page on Yammer.

Just like any social network, Yammer lets you build out your professional social media profile 

You can set your picture, but the picture is across Office 365, so you probably already have one set. You can change the image shown on Yammer by changing the main picture in your Office 365 profile. This is one thing I’m not crazy about with Yammer; you really should be able to modify your Yammer prescience more and let your personality come out a little at work or school.

video upload to Yammer

As you can see in this network, I don’t have anything set up. Not even a picture. This is my test system and does not want stuff going out on the production network. Always a good idea to have multiple sandboxes you can play in.

Notice the Files, Images, and video link above.

You can upload your assets to your group, and the only people who have access is the people in your group. Your team uses up storage from OneDrive, so it is very easy to move files back and forth between them. This is one of the strengths of Office 365 all the data storage is tied together so you can easily transfer documents.

Microsoft bringing those features to Yammer is what makes it such an excellent tool for collaboration.


Overall Yammer has potential to improve the effectiveness of any team; they just have to commit to getting their workplace facebook feed up and funneling the right information into my feed.

Bonus Feature:

Yammer has private messages so you can keep conversations between only two if needed.

yammer private messages setup

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