Academia Apps provides resources to educators to help them incorporate technology effectively in the classroom. We are educators and we are trying to build this site as a resource for educators. Unfortunately, we don’t know everything about all areas of education, no one does. So we reach out to our audience of educators to obtain different viewpoints. For this reason, we are always looking for talented educators who wish to disburse their knowledge( See Write for Us). We scour the web and bring you resources and information that you can use in your classes. Our goal is to make you a better educator and when possible allow you to do more with less. This is becoming more and more important in Academia as budgets shrink and educators are expected to do more with less.

Bruce Hopkins Bio

I’m Bruce Hopkins a life longer educator who has held multiple roles in Higher education ranging from instruction to IT Management. You can read my full bio and get a feel for the experience I have in education from my LinkedIn Profile. I will accept connections from any educators and am always looking to create new connections that will increase my learning.  So fi you are an educator, please connect with me on LinkedIn or subscribe to this blog to keep up with my latest findings in using technology in the classroom.

I am a results orientated technologist who believes the right tool for the job does not always mean you must use what you have always known. This has allowed me to build a diverse background across many technologies. I always look at the problem before identifying a potential solution to test. I never take a solution and look for a problem to solve with it.


Social Media, WebSite Design, Search Engine Optimization, Linux, Windows NT4-2008, Active Directory, Unix( AIX, Sun), Exchange 2003/2007, Domino, Lotus Notes, MS SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, VMWare ESX, Enterprise Level Routers and Switches, DotNetNuke, WordPress, Community Server.

Programming Languages: C# Vb.Net, PHP, Cold Fusion, Java

This site is and will always be a work in progress and its users will help drive the  direction of this site. So comment often and tell us how we are doing.