Getting Started with Yammer

If you have not heard of Yammer, then you should. If your organization has an Office 365 subscription, then you just need to join up. Why should I join up to another method for people to send me stuff to read, you may be saying. Give it a chance; Yammer can make your workload lighter […]

Microsoft Classroom Introduction

I’ve had this post on the list for a while. Microsoft Classroom is an up and coming part of the Office 365 Education suite. I’ve been playing around with, and it’s useful. The product is still pretty much in beta so I would not recommend getting on board with it at the moment. Might want to […]

Professional Social Media

  We write a lot about using social media in education on this blog, but we have not talked much about professional social media. If you think about it, professional social media should be the future of most students as they get ready to embark on their career. You want to show your best side […]